Jordan Electric Cellos

I've been dreaming about a new cello for years, haven't you?

New Jordan Electric                  Cello

New Jordan Electric                  Cello

Being an amateur performing electric cellist myself, I've spent literally years of thoughts and dreams on the question of what the ultimate electric cello design would be for me. This drive towards perfection causes me to continually consider what could and should be done, that hasn't been done yet. It took quite a few years to get from the rough initial sketches to the fully evolved design I'm offering now. The new New Jordan Electric Cello, my 2003 design, represents my most current vision, truly the cello of my dreams. This striking new design while visually asymmetrical maintains symmetry in its contact points. This new design is far more complicated to construct than my original design requiring large complex joints and precision routed channels. I think of the electric cello not just as a functional instrument, but as a work of art to be interpreted by an artist with a vision. The vision has materialized and the dream has become reality!

The sleek, sculpted Original Jordan Electric Cello was designed by luthiers John Jordan and Mark Miller in a shop with more than 50 years combined experience in instrument making and more than 20 years combined experience with electric violin family instruments.

All normal contact points as well as standard cello geometry and proportion are maintained allowing any cello transducer system to be used and the solidbody design ensures no feedback even at stage volume.

Pricing Options

The Jordan Electric Cello standard four string New model with maple neck thru body finished in a solid opaque color of your choice and a Barbera Standard transducer bridge.

New Jordan Electric Cello:      Base Price: $7,000.

Original Jordan Electric Cello:         Base Price: $4,000

Original Jordan Electric Cello

Original Jordan Electric Cello


Wood and Finish Options

  • Pearlescent or metallic finishes - add $100
  • Heavily flamed maple with transparent finish - add $1,200
  • Exotic hardwood body - add $1,200 & up
  • Holoflash, or other custom finish - add $400 & up
  • Harlequin color shifting finishes - add $580
  • Gold plated metal hardware - add $160


  • RMC Bridge with Polydrive Preamp - add $400
  • StringAmp transducer system - quoted individually
  • Alternative Transducers, Internal and external preamplifiers - quoted individually
Cello Bridge.jpg


  • Five string cello - add $1,400
  • Six string cello - add $2,200
  • Fingerboard Extension (on five and six string cellos only) - add $220
  • Fretted fingerboard - add $650


Any conventional bow can be used with our electric instruments. For those players who are thinking of a modern bow to match with their new electric cello, we offer the full CodaBow line of graphite-fiber bows including the CodaBow Electric, the first bow designed with electric cellists in mind. These fine bows are available at special prices when purchased with our cellos.


We highly recommend Super-Sensitive Sensicore Strings for our cellos. Super-Sensitive makes the special low and high pitched strings for our extended range instruments and their standard pitch strings are also unsurpassed in quality. These will be the strings that come stock on your Jordan Cello and you can always order replacements sets from us.


There are many excellent choices of amplifiers that work well with electric violin. Most of the best choices are designed as acoustic instrument amplifiers as these have ultra-high impedance inputs that match ideally with the types of transducers used to sense the string vibrations, and they are designed for accurate sound reproduction. There are far too many brands and models to list all the possibilities, but here are some popular choices:


Many brands and options available including BAM - quoted individually