Each instrument I make, I make with the player in mind. I work knowing that someone out there will be playing their music with what I create. That’s why no two are ever the same. Every artist is unique.
— John Jordan

Over 600 instruments, hand-made. 

John Jordan is a recognized violin maker and has designed and built a full range of stringed instruments including ViolinsViola CellosUpright Bass, and Guitars & Bass Guitars.

Jordan Electric Violins achieve superior balance and ergonomic function through innovative design and master craftsmanship that:

  • Eliminates unnecessary mass from the body and scroll places the remaining weight as close to the support of the chin and shoulder as possible.

  • Relocates the tuning pegs behind the bridge takes weight off the neck, making the instrument seem lighter and giving a sleek appearance.

  • Uses precision geared tuning machines makes fine tuners unnecessary.

  • Integrates rigid termination at both ends of the string to provide maximum pitch stability, tone, and output to the transducer system.

  • Maintains standard violin geometry and proportion which allows any violin pickup system to be used and the semi-solid body design ensures no feedback even at stage volume.

John Jordan explains the process of creating his fine custom violins which are of international renown.

The concepts and design of the JORDAN ELECTRIC VIOLIN are protected under U.S. PATENT #5191159. Foreign patents pending.