Traditional Violin Shop

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While the primary purpose of my website (as I see it) is to promote the instruments I build to people around the world who can't readily visit my workshop, it is worth acknowledging the traditional violins shop and related services I offer to my local clientele. I have on hand one of the larger selections of student and mid priced violins, violas and cellos in my local area in sizes ranging from 1/16th size to full (4/4) size and ranging from less than $200 (for basic student violins) into the several thousand range (for better instruments). Since in stock instruments change regularly, please contact me or visit the shop for an up to date list of what's available.

One of my favorite aspects of my work is selling a child or adult beginner their first instrument. I like to take some time to cover both the proper maintenance of the instrument and include some basic instruction for the person who is going to be self taught or learn in a public school setting so they start with a foundation of basic technique and knowledge from the moment they receive the instrument.

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I can also recommend many fine local teachers who can offer beginning to advanced instruction. These teachers are customers of mine and I've known many of them for decades and feel very comfortable recommending them. I can also put customers in contact with youth and adult orchestras for players who want the experience of playing in a group setting.

In addition to the instruments I offer, I also have a good selection of strings, rosin, shoulder rests, bows, cases, and other accessories at reasonable prices. I routinely offer "while you wait" minor adjustments, string changes, and other minor repairs. For those instruments requiring more attention over a period of days or weeks I also offer more involved repairs and restoration work if needed. I can offer "loaner" instruments at no charge so that a customer can continue practicing while their instrument is being repaired. Estimates on repairs are always offered at no charge and with no obligation to have work done.

I can also accept instruments on consignment, trade in, or purchase them from you should you have instruments that you no longer need or want. I offer appraisals for people who aren't sure of what they have or who need a written appraisal for insurance or other reasons.

I try to run the kind of business that I like to shop at where customer service is still the first priority and every customer is treated equally well regardless of their experience or budget. Many of my customers have become friends of mine over ther years and my shop is widely recommended by satisfied customers, public school music teachers, private music teachers, and professional musicians.