John Jordan discusses his process.

Over 600 instruments, hand-made. 

John Jordan is a recognized violin maker and has designed and built a full range of stringed instruments including ViolinsViola CellosUpright Bass, and Guitars & Bass Guitars.

Jordan Electric Violins achieve superior balance and ergonomic function through innovative design and master craftsmanship that:

  • Eliminates unnecessary mass from the body and scroll places the remaining weight as close to the support of the chin and shoulder as possible.
  • Relocates the tuning pegs behind the bridge takes weight off the neck, making the instrument seem lighter and giving a sleek appearance.
  • Uses precision geared tuning machines makes fine tuners unnecessary.
  • Integrates rigid termination at both ends of the string to provide maximum pitch stability, tone, and output to the transducer system.
  • Maintains standard violin geometry and proportion which allows any violin pickup system to be used and the semi-solid body design ensures no feedback even at stage volume.

The concepts and design of the JORDAN ELECTRIC VIOLIN are protected under U.S. PATENT #5191159. Foreign patents pending.